SQL Lesson 15: Deleting rows

When you need to delete data from a table in the database, you can use a DELETE statement, which describes the table to act on, and the rows of the table to delete through the WHERE clause.

Delete statement with condition
DELETE FROM mytable WHERE condition;

If you decide to leave out the WHERE constraint, then all rows are removed, which is a quick and easy way to clear out a table completely (if intentional).

Taking extra care

Like the UPDATE statement from last lesson, it's recommended that you run the constraint in a SELECT query first to ensure that you are removing the right rows. Without a proper backup or test database, it is downright easy to irrevocably remove data, so always read your DELETE statements twice and execute once.


The database needs to be cleaned up a little bit, so try and delete a few rows in the tasks below.

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Table: movies
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Exercise 15 — Tasks
  1. This database is getting too big, lets remove all movies that were released before 2005.
  2. Andrew Stanton has also left the studio, so please remove all movies directed by him.
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